Vision and Business Idea

Our company name ADVANZ is derived from the expression advance [ad-vans, -vahns].

  • to move or bring forward.
  • to improve; further.
  • to bring forward in time; accelerate.

At ADVANZ our vision is to develop organisations so that employees and the leadership team can co-create a better business. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of organizational development services which individually or as an integrated offering enables employees and  the leadership team to address the future challenges.


Consulting with an edge

Through an honest, passionate and committed cooperation in close dialogue with our customers, we implement changes in business critical areas.

Experienced Problemsolvers

We are experienced consultants who use proven methods and human insight.

Forward Thinking

We challenge current state and practices. We are providing new and alternative thinking – and deliver solutions that make a difference in the market.

Collaborative Change

We think implementation from day one and establish a close coperation based on openness, a customized approach and close involvement of employees and management.




We always try to follow the right path in relation to the easy road. This guides us in our daily responsibilities with customers and each other.



Integrity is a natural element in any cooperation, where knowledge about each other and customers is handled with confidentiality and recognition of sensitivty.


Passion and Engagement

We are proud to be part a culture that add value to customers. We are passionate about our work and our employees. Our commitment comes from a deep faith that we create value and get energy from our cooperation with customers.


Development and Learning

We try to do our best every time in everything we do. It is our ambition to constantly develop our professional knowledge and personal skills for the benefit of ourselves and our customers.

Management & Company Information


Rikke Pihl

CEO and Partner in ADVANZ │ Search & Selection



Springforbivej 4A, 1
2930 Klampenborg

  +45 40256886

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Prior occupation

Rikke has 15 years of experience in executive and specialist search where she has recruited managers and specialists nationally and internationally. Rikke has previously been Partner in Laigaard and Partners and later Director at Compass Human Resources.


René Sejberg

CEO and partner in ADVANZ │ Consulting



Springforbivej 4A, 1
2930 Klampenborg

  +45 40994602

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Prior occupation

René has 24 years of experience, including 14 years experience in consulting and IT industry, including as director and partner of PA Consulting, EG and Tieto. In addition, six years of experience in dental and food industry as a project manager and business developer.

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