“The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently.”

Brian Tracy

The starting point for our work is your business and your desire to strengthen it.

We aim to develop and improve critical business capabilities so that they accurately reflect what the company wants to achieve in the marketplace.

All successful recruitments starts with the right job profile

We start by ensuring a deep understanding of our client. This means that we are, among other things look at the culture, company values, business model, current challenges and goals of operating range and the company as a whole. We work closely with our client to define the position profile and qualifications of the candidate that will contribute to the company’s challenges.

Only wrong recruitments are expensive recruitments

The basis of our work – whether this is a Search and Selection – our 3P profile. 3P profile is a structured approach for identifying the factors that determine the selection of the right candidate. This approach include activities that allow us to assure the quality of the right candidates.

Success with 3P profiling ®


Our 3P profile is the basis for analysis and comparison of candidate match . A match covers a broad range of professional and personal skills as well as potentials. 3P profiling is a structured approach to identification of factors that determine the choice of the candidate and the candidate’s success in the job. The process includes activities that allow us to assure the quality of the right candidates . It is our task to identify the best 3P match hence we are thorough and gets close to both clients and candidates .

Flexible recruitment processes

Our recruitment processes are based on our best practice model and can be adapted to client needs. Our work is carried out with honesty, integrity, passion and commitment and we are very conscious of being respectable ambassadors for your company.

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European reach

We conduct Search in the Nordic region and has established cooperation with flexible business partners that can assist with Search in the rest of Europe.

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