“The winning team has a dedication. It will have a core of veteran players who set the standards. They will not accept defeat.” Merlin Olsen

Team composition, dynamics, performance and results.

Management Assessment

Management Assessment requires a deep understanding of the company’s business and organizational issues – combined with a similar insight into the management group’s personalities, skills, and mutual dynamics. The goal is to create a high performance management team that is able to develop – and not least execute and realize – strategy and objectives. It is partly about the right mix of team and partly to lift the team’s performance in business-critical areas. We are close to the connection between strategy and objectives – and the derived performance criterias for the management team, on an individual level and the organisation. We are close to the management team’s ability to set direction, execute, create well-functioning cooperative and release energy in the organisation. We are close to the individual leaders and their respective responsibilities, including each leader’s personality and potential – in relation to the performance requirements they meet. We present relevant conclusions with concrete, substantiated recommendations on the management team composition and development potential – coupled directly to the owners’ / board expectations and performance criterias.

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