“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

John Wooden

Coaching process

We are carefull to customize the right coaching process for each person or each team. In the beginning, we conduct a thorough analysis, so that the individual is awarded to the coach who professionally and personally match them . Sometimes a process is deisgned as classic coaching , other times it is combined coaching with sparring and mentoring. The individual’s experience level and needs determines which methods brought into play . It is also possible to combine with on-the-spot coaching sessions where the coach comes to your business and observes i.e meetings or presentations and subsequently provides feedback .

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching is for senior executives and board members. At this level the work is focused on business and personal challenges with particular emphasis on strategy, values , business and organizational challenges. The importance of own personality in leadership is central. A coaching process often contains a value test, which focuses on values and choices and a 360˚ analysis, with input from key people in the circle around the top executive .

Manager coaching

Manager coaching is for the operational leader who wants to optimize its management efficiency by focusing on the personal leadership and most important business challenges. efforts tool based on the basis of specific management challenges. These processes often include a 360˚ analysis that provides the manager with a very precise picture of their own management style seen with the eyes of the surrounding peers, employees and managers.

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