Job analysis

The first step of a successful search process is a thorough job analysis with identification of success criteria and potential “derailers” for the relevant position. A job profile is then composed in collaboration with the customer. This will define the minimum requirements the candidate must meet with regard to experience, competences, qualifications and expectations in respect of personality.



The search process is iterative and involves contact with potential candidates, screening of inquiries and finally inviting relevant candidates for interview with our experienced consultants. You will receive regular status reports together with feedback from the candidate market regarding how attractive the company, position, challenges, responsibility and compensation package are. We will then repeat the process until the strongest possible selection of candidates is ready to be presented to you.


Presentation of topcandidates

All candidates who move on to the presentation round will have undergone a background check to verify their qualifications and experience. They will also be tested using our psychometric tests to assess cognitive abilities and personality. The top candidates will then be presented to the customer and their individual qualifications in relation to requirements and expectations are discussed.


Appointment of the right person

The best and most qualified candidate selected by the customer will be offered the position. After the appointment, we will be available for consultation on contractual and organisational matters to ensure optimum negotiations and on-boarding.

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